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  • Regular membership is available to individuals with an M.D., D.O., or PhD, or to individuals in those degree programs with a professional interest in neurology.
  • Associate membership is available to all others with a professional interest in neurology.
  • Annual dues are currently $100.00.¬† Trainees in neurology may join for free.


 Annual dues cover admission to meetings, lectures, Continuing Medical Education credits for accredited lectures, food and drink. Meetings are held at the UCSD Faculty Club the third Thursday of each month except July, August, and December. A holiday event may be held the second Thursday of December. Meetings are announced on the Home page and by email.

Need to pay your membership dues

Trainees: State the highest level attained, e.g., medical student, graduate student, resident, fellow
CLINICIANS, including trainees, state primary specialty or certification, sub-specialty, and special expertise/interest/research focus, if any, e.g., neurology/behavioral neurology/Alzheimer's disease or neurosurgery/epilepsy; NON-CLINICIANS state primary discipline/research focus, e.g., neuroscience/memory
e.g., Scripps, UCSD, Kaiser, VA, independent